Sunday, March 15, 2009

SF ADDY Awards 2009

Thursday was the SF ADDY awards and me and a few classmates had the opportunity to help out with the event. My friends were assigned jobs that were a bit tedious and I had the wonderful task of taking everyone's photo. (It was a lot more work than it sounds... ok not really!) I had NO complaints because it was a great way to mingle amongst the ad folk and really get to talk about and see what I can expect after I graduate.

What I gathered, other than business cards, was that Ad people are very modest... hahaha.. just kidding! ;) But really, I did get a taste of what it may feel like to get noticed for your hard work. There were a lot of great entries and well deserved awards.

As I told most people, I was going to post some photos on my blog site. So, like I said, here they are:
(Feel free to right click and save, as long as you look through my portfolio site. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! ;) Thanks!)

S.S. Captain Morgan ;)

The Entries

JC and Lindsay from the Creative Group.

The ELEVEN group

Zeyrep, Emily, Mandi, and Nicolette

Mr. & Mrs. Green taking a look at the work.

The WHOLE Mekanism group. (Great work guys!)

24seven inc. group

The award show

Me, Balinder, & Dax with our new friends Caroline, Yvonne, and Chef Mike (thanks for the drinks!)

J picking up his award!

The talented photographer Julianna and myself.

The boy interns, Jeremy, Dax, Alex, and Me.

And the GIRL intern Balinder. Isn't she cute! ;)

Ps, I believe these photos may appear on this Thursday's (March 19) SF Examiner! Keep and eye out! ;)

Monday, February 23, 2009

MAGIC 2009

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I last posted but I've been super busy lately and haven't found the time to blog until now. My last blog was about magic and as promised I wanted to relay all the fun and games that went on during the convention.

My Virgin America cherry has been popped and I have to say, I can't imagine another flight on any other airlines. You can watch TV, play video games, listen to music, chat, and watch your plane as it goes from city to city on the screen in front of you.

Here's our view from the top.

I went to Magic with one of my besties, Allison, and we were both representing Koan Clothing ( The event wasn't as crazy as I had expected but from what the taxi drivers told us the economy had a lot to do with it.

Alli and I.

Here are some photos from the actual event:

We bumped into Common, but couldn't get a pic with him so this is the best I could do. ;)

There were a lot of great art pieces there, this is one of them.

I was really bummed out that there weren't any fashion shows this year (I blame the economy) but instead, after Magic Allison and I found ourselves in the company of models. So it worked out just fine!

Me with one of the models from the Ed Hardy Fashion show and coincidentally one of the prior contestants of America's Next Top Model. Anyone recognize her?

After the convention was really when the magic happened. All in all the trip was really fun, made some great contacts, saw some new clothes, and collected a lot of free stuff. I can't wait for the next trip! ;)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MAGIC 2009 Here I come!

I just confirmed today that I will definitely be making my way to one of the BIGGEST fashion convention in the nation! There's going to be thousands of designers that range from contemporary, streetwear, casual, active, footwear and accessory collections from the world's best. And Magic will showcase the most extensive assortment of menswear in the marketplace today. I looked over the list of designers that will be attending and I can't wait to shop and be inspired.

Here's a video of one of the fashion shows at Magic last year:

Here's another video from dailyfiasco.

I am so excited to go, I can't wait to see new designs and get free things hehe. I'll be going with my friend Allison of Koan Clothing and CircleDotCreative and we can't wait to meet new people in the fashion industry. Anyone else going? If so, hit me up so we can meet up there! I'll see you at MAGIC! ;)

Super Bowl Recap

Go Steelers! Great win! However, the real reason I watched the super bowl is for the commercials. This year was okay, nothing really caught my attention. I was really disapointed that I didn't see any of Miller's one-second-ads. I saw them online, but did not see them during the game. My top spot was the LMAO Syndrome for ABC and the runner up was the Free Dorito's spot. Both ads were really witty and clever.

Here's Miller's one second spot that didn't air:

And just in case you missed the game, or was too drunk to remember the commercials here's a link to watch them all.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009’s “We” Approach

Because times are hard, companies have directed their ad campaigns to be more “we” oriented. Times of uncertainty, crisis, and danger remind us the importance of family, social, and individual values. This is a great time for companies to capitalize on their “we” factor. Businesses, like Ikea Family, that are already branded using the “we” approach have a great advantage.

Though companies have been using the “we” approach for a long time, now is the time we will be seeing it implemented more and more. says “It will be an interesting thing to see which of them (companies) get this right in 2009. They will be the cases we talk about in 2010.”

T-mobile’s new viral ad campaign is a great example of the type of “we” campaigns we will be seeing throughout the year.

This was brilliant. I’m not sure yet if all of those people were dancers, but I’m pretty sure not all of them were. What a great way to visualize people getting together eh?

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My inauguration day recap

Just in case you missed it:

What an uplifting and emotional day. My favorite part was right before he was sworn in, he made a face that read "oh man, this is it, it's my turn!"

As great as it must be to be President Barack Obama right now, it equally sucks at the same time. His campaign proved that YES "HE" CAN make it all the way to the white house and YES "HE" CAN give America hope. But now, in his hands he holds America's trust and dreams. I hope he pulls through because as much as American's love to love, they love to hate too! The pressure is officially on!

The secret service must actually have work to do now though eh? Guess he's already started creating jobs.

On a side note, I must give my props to Michelle Obama for wearing a dress by an unknown, 26-year-old, American designer Jason Wu. The white chiffon, one-shoulder gown covered in fluffy appliques will now become a part of fashion history. Get ready Wu, because Michelle Obama just put you on the map. Now, all over the nation, aspiring fashion designers are inspired.

They both looked stunning.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Movie Suggestion - NOTORIOUS

I have to admit, I didn't think the movie was going to be any good because the trailer seemed a tad cheesy. However, I just got back from the movie theaters and I was surprisingly impressed with the acting, story line, and how the actors looked identical to the people they were playing (except for Puffy...horrible). Lil Kim, played by Naturi Naughton (a former member of 3LW), showed more than I would have cared to see but was my favorite. Faith Evans looked hotter in the movie then in real life and sang a little better too. The only criticism I have is that the story about the rival between East and West was one sided and a bit too cookie cutter clean. Even so, NOTORIOUS gave a good inside look on Bigy's rough beginnings, relationship with his father, womanizing, and climb to fame. I rate NOTORIOUS a "B" which, in my book, means its a good enough movie to pay $11 for at the theaters!