Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MAGIC 2009 Here I come!

I just confirmed today that I will definitely be making my way to one of the BIGGEST fashion convention in the nation! There's going to be thousands of designers that range from contemporary, streetwear, casual, active, footwear and accessory collections from the world's best. And Magic will showcase the most extensive assortment of menswear in the marketplace today. I looked over the list of designers that will be attending and I can't wait to shop and be inspired.

Here's a video of one of the fashion shows at Magic last year:

Here's another video from dailyfiasco.

I am so excited to go, I can't wait to see new designs and get free things hehe. I'll be going with my friend Allison of Koan Clothing and CircleDotCreative and we can't wait to meet new people in the fashion industry. Anyone else going? If so, hit me up so we can meet up there! I'll see you at MAGIC! ;)

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