Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My inauguration day recap

Just in case you missed it:

What an uplifting and emotional day. My favorite part was right before he was sworn in, he made a face that read "oh man, this is it, it's my turn!"

As great as it must be to be President Barack Obama right now, it equally sucks at the same time. His campaign proved that YES "HE" CAN make it all the way to the white house and YES "HE" CAN give America hope. But now, in his hands he holds America's trust and dreams. I hope he pulls through because as much as American's love to love, they love to hate too! The pressure is officially on!

The secret service must actually have work to do now though eh? Guess he's already started creating jobs.

On a side note, I must give my props to Michelle Obama for wearing a dress by an unknown, 26-year-old, American designer Jason Wu. The white chiffon, one-shoulder gown covered in fluffy appliques will now become a part of fashion history. Get ready Wu, because Michelle Obama just put you on the map. Now, all over the nation, aspiring fashion designers are inspired.

They both looked stunning.

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