Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009’s “We” Approach

Because times are hard, companies have directed their ad campaigns to be more “we” oriented. Times of uncertainty, crisis, and danger remind us the importance of family, social, and individual values. This is a great time for companies to capitalize on their “we” factor. Businesses, like Ikea Family, that are already branded using the “we” approach have a great advantage.

Though companies have been using the “we” approach for a long time, now is the time we will be seeing it implemented more and more. says “It will be an interesting thing to see which of them (companies) get this right in 2009. They will be the cases we talk about in 2010.”

T-mobile’s new viral ad campaign is a great example of the type of “we” campaigns we will be seeing throughout the year.

This was brilliant. I’m not sure yet if all of those people were dancers, but I’m pretty sure not all of them were. What a great way to visualize people getting together eh?

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