Sunday, March 15, 2009

SF ADDY Awards 2009

Thursday was the SF ADDY awards and me and a few classmates had the opportunity to help out with the event. My friends were assigned jobs that were a bit tedious and I had the wonderful task of taking everyone's photo. (It was a lot more work than it sounds... ok not really!) I had NO complaints because it was a great way to mingle amongst the ad folk and really get to talk about and see what I can expect after I graduate.

What I gathered, other than business cards, was that Ad people are very modest... hahaha.. just kidding! ;) But really, I did get a taste of what it may feel like to get noticed for your hard work. There were a lot of great entries and well deserved awards.

As I told most people, I was going to post some photos on my blog site. So, like I said, here they are:
(Feel free to right click and save, as long as you look through my portfolio site. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! ;) Thanks!)

S.S. Captain Morgan ;)

The Entries

JC and Lindsay from the Creative Group.

The ELEVEN group

Zeyrep, Emily, Mandi, and Nicolette

Mr. & Mrs. Green taking a look at the work.

The WHOLE Mekanism group. (Great work guys!)

24seven inc. group

The award show

Me, Balinder, & Dax with our new friends Caroline, Yvonne, and Chef Mike (thanks for the drinks!)

J picking up his award!

The talented photographer Julianna and myself.

The boy interns, Jeremy, Dax, Alex, and Me.

And the GIRL intern Balinder. Isn't she cute! ;)

Ps, I believe these photos may appear on this Thursday's (March 19) SF Examiner! Keep and eye out! ;)

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