Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KOAN Clothing Photo Shoot

This past weekend I wrapped up a photo shoot for KOAN Clothing's online catalog. The photos are being edited right now so until they are finished I wanted to share some goofy photos of the crew.

(not photographed: Donna Macanan. Great job on the make-up)

I had a really great time at the shoot. The models were easy to work with and the shirts looked awesome. It was also really great finally collaborating with Allison and the KOAN crew. I've worked with Allison on shoots before but nothing concept based, just more beauty stuff. It has actually been a long time since we've done a shoot together so it was really cool to see how much Allison and I have grown. I'm sure she remembers when I used to use a point and shoot and go to the park to take photos. I was still a novice to photoshop at the time too. It was my ghetto fabulous days, but hey, it worked!

If you don't know about KOAN clothing you should definitely check them out. To sum them up, they are an urban up-and-coming graphic-t company with depth. Here's their link: KOAN CLOTHING . Check out their shirts and let them know I sent you. ;)


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