Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fashion Plantation Shoot

Last week I was taking a walk on a trail of the Hayward marshlands which is conveniently located behind my house (it's actually not that cool, it reeks of marshland musk in the mornings). I've lived here for the passed 3 years and just recently discovered the trail. Last Monday morning I decided to go on a stroll alone. I was pleasantly surprised because it was really beautiful. It had a very interesting contrast of nature and... well... electrical towers. Here is a photo I took of the site with my phone:

It reminded me a lot of a nuclear plantation for some reason. So I got the crazy idea of doing a fashion photoshoot based on that concept. The very next day I called up a model I knew, Teresa Navarro, and asked if she and Donna could meet me at my house for a gorilla photoshoot. Luckily I know people that are willing to play out my crazy ideas. Thank you again ladies!

Here is the outcome:

I wanted it to seem like she was in her very expensive white lab coat looking very posh taking a stroll in her very toxic neighborhood. I guess my message for this shoot was that no matter where you work, even if it's in a polluted marshland, you should always look fierce. :)


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