Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lays Potato Chips, healthy? Since when?

Lays Potato Chips have a new ad campaign that might slightly falsify the product... or does it? You be the judge. On January 18 new spots for Lays Potato chips will air that shifts the way people view this snack. This multimillion-dollar campaign will remind consumers that Lays Potato chips are only made of 3 ingredients: potatoes, sunflower oil and salt. Their new tag line is "Happiness is simple."

"The first TV spot begins on a farm, where family and friends carrying coolers are gathering for what appears to be a barbecue. As everyone assembles, potatoes shoot out of the ground in a mock fireworks display."(adage.com)

Like most businesses Lays Potato Chips is just now joining the go green band wagon and is trying to convey the message that this snack is healthy "with 0 trans fat!". So I put it to the test, on my way home today I picked up a bag of original lays potato chips and munched on them in the car. As usual my fingers got oily and when I wiped my hands it left a transparent mark in the tissue. And though this new ad portrays lays potato chips to be a healthier choice the facts remain that it is high on sodium(160mg) and in a 1oz bag has 160 calories. On caloriecount.com they grade the snack a D-.

In the post on adage Gannon Jones, VP-marketing, Frito-Lay North America said that while potatoes are grown in several U.S. regions, Lay's has 21 manufacturing plants around the country so as to ensure freshness on delivery.

However Ms. Simon (unknown ad person) balked at this concept and said "They have factories all over the country so they're locally processed? Give me a break, that's hilarious. You might as well say 'I rolled this cigarette in my backyard so it's local.'"

The new campaign has me feeling a little cheated. Maybe it's just me. Any thoughts?

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  1. Their nutritional values are comparable to nuts now. Unsaturated fats are actually good for you and lowers cholesterol and it's good for your heart.
    This is shown to us by the Cretens in which they have the highest fat intake in the world, yet the lowest percentage of heart disease due to the large majority of their fats being unsaturated. While US having a lower fat intake but having a magnitude larger percentage of heart disease with a majority fat intake of saturated fats.

    Looking at nutritiondata.com, it shows that a 1g of potato chips actually has more omega-3s and omega-6s than 1g of nuts. It has twice the amount of saturated fats though, but it's still not proportionally that high, given that only 2/9th of the fat is saturated.


    So yes, I think they are worthy of losing their stigma of a junk food and actually being worthy of being seen as a health food.